To obtain cannabis for medical purposes, a patient must have both (a) an unexpired written certification issued from a board-registered practitioner and (b) a valid government-issued ID. As of July 1, 2022, patients are no longer required to have an active patient registration. 

 Once your appointment with an eligible practitioner has been completed and the practitioner has submitted your Written Certification for the Use of Medical Cannabis, you will receive an email directing you to access a digital card that validates you have received the required written certification. You will also be able to digitally access the written certification. You may access a licensed medical cannabis dispensing location by presenting the digital card and a government-issued ID to the dispensary. The dispensing location will scan your digital card and access your written certification. There is no need to print either the digital card or written certification unless you wish to do so or cannot access the documents on your phone. You are not required to register with the Cannabis Control Authority to access the digital card. The email you receive will also provide you with directions to register with the Authority, if you choose to do so. The fee to register is $50. Again, registration is not required. 


There are currently 21 Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Virginia. 

No. There is currently no legal framework for adult non-medical sales in Virginia. Non-medical cannabis sales including “sharing” clubs, popups and “gifting” exchanges are all considered unlawful in Virginia.

Adults may transfer one ounce or less of marijuana between persons who are 21 years or older without remuneration. However “Adult sharing” does not include instances in which:

  • Cannabis is given away contemporaneously with another reciprocal transaction between the same parties.
  • A gift of marijuana is offered or advertised in conjunction with an offer for the sale of goods or services.
  • A gift of marijuana is contingent upon a separate reciprocal transaction for goods or services.

Adults 21 and over may now grow up to four marijuana plants per household (not per person), for personal use. Plants can be grown only at your main place of residence.

Someone who grows plants must:

  •  Ensure that no plant is visible from a public way;
  •  Take precautions to prevent unauthorized access by persons younger than 21 years of age; and
  •  Attach to each plant a legible tag that includes: the person’s name, driver’s license or ID number, and a notation that the marijuana plant is being grown for personal use as authorized by law.

Also see the Virginia Cannabis Control Authority’s (CCA) Guidance on Home Cultivation Document. 

No, Currently, Virginia’s Criminal Code provides that the method for detecting the delta-9 THC concentration of a substance shall consider the conversion of THC-A into THC (total-THC). Therefore products containing THC-A content above 0.3% are considered marijuana and not hemp. See Virginia State Code 3.2-4112