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The VCA has spent the last 18 months working to get some results that all of Virginia’s Cannabis actors will be proud of.  This effort has been expensive and it is going to take more funding to get an inclusive Adult-Use Cannabis framework to the finish line. Join us so you can be part of this historic undertaking.

VCA Member 

Join the VCA in the 1st tier for $500/month. This money pays for consultants, attorneys and lobbyists.  This is a necessary expense so that we can see to it that this legislation is crafted correctly and favors Virginians that are already in the hemp industry. Email updates once a week. 

VCA Platinum Member

Join the Platinum Tier for $2500/month.You get your logo and contact info on all outgoing correspondence. Weekly conference calls with status updates on our bill (Monday at 2). Executive voting rights after January 1, 2023.

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