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Flower for the people – Your Virginia Cannabis Company

Greenhouse Grown in Newport News, Virginia
At Flower For The People all of our plants are organically greenhouse grown in Newport News, VA by our responsible cultivation experts who, care about the land, the environment and, most importantly, our customers. https://flowerforthepeeps.com/

Pure Shenandoah

ROOTED IN THE BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINS from the soil and unspoiled splendor of the Shenandoah Valley comes PURE Shenandoah. We are fearlessly unique. Authentically Shenandoah in a world that is often surface only. Grown on the same land known for its productive soil and thriving farmlands. Honoring the values that raised us; just as we cultivate and harvest the hemp that will elevate your body, mind and soul. https://pureshenandoah.com/

The Buffalo Hemp Company

Our philosophy is simple. We provide you with the absolute best in premium quality, sustainably grown Hemp and CBD products. From oils and flower, to edibles and topicals, we’ve got you covered!. Perfect for everyday use. Exceptional quality and choice. https://www.thebuffalohempcompany.com

NuTrac Hemp

A Dynamic, Certified Organic Company In The Blue Ridge Mountains Of Virginia. Producing Quality Extracts & Formulations
CBD, CBG – Full spectrum Crude, Distillates and full service white labeling. https://nutrachemp.com/

TruHemp Solutions

From plant to pure product, we process exceptional quality hemp extracts and manufacture a wide range of finished products under the TruHarvest brand as well as white labelling. https://truharvestfarms.com/

Yoagie Enterprises LLC 

 In 2018, twin brothers Julian and Jonathan  Redcross (the “Hemp Twinz”), had the idea to utilize a portion of the family farm for the growth of industrial hemp, and the construction of special grow areas for boutique farming and processing of hemp flowers for CBD production. Yoagie Enterprises LLC (“Yoagie”) operates its grow on the 100+ acre family farm in Caroline County, VA, situated in the eastern part of the Commonwealth of Virginia, bordered to the north by the Rappahannock River.  This farm was known for tobacco farming since the early 1950’s before converting in the mid-1970’s to the farming of today’s  industrial crops such as corn and soybean. Yoagie’s work ethic and diligent attention to quality, has gained recognition in the Hampton Roads area.  We believe that the growing of  quality hemp will keep alive our legacy of serving others with a high caliber product, just as was the growing of quality tobacco for our forefathers. https://www.yoagie.com/

Veg Out Organics

grows pure USDA certified organic hemp plants and harvests them to build clean, natural products. Produced locally in Virginia Beach, our plants are grown from seedlings on our USDA certified organic farm, cultivated without harmful chemicals. We keep organic at the root of everything we do, from farming to our skincare products. We oversee each and every step to ensure the highest quality and clean delivery of our anhydrous, cruelty-free, exceptional-grade products with no dyes, bleach, or  synthetic fragrance. https://vegoutgardens.com/