The Virginia Cannabis Association

Virginia's Lobbying and Trade Association

The purpose of the VCA includes promoting a safe, regulated, and inclusive recreational market for adult-use cannabis that maintains the principles of fair competition, accessibility, and quality and prioritizes Virginia-based businesses.

Our Mission


Virginia’s legal cannabis economy should be inclusive of Virginia’s small and midsize farmers/businesses and not just a place for massive corporations. Virginia for Virginians.


Our goal is to become the trade association for all cannabis farmers, cultivators, processors, retailers, transporters, and testing laboratories in Virginia.


We aim to create a home grown, inclusive and sustainable network of the Virginia Cannabis economy to further advance retail legislation.


We welcome anyone and everyone interested in joining our community so that you may best position yourself and your business for success in this growing industry.


We would like to host open houses and events all across Virginia to bring as many farmers and small and mid-sized businesses into the cannabis economy.